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Cast Members Anonymous

Cast Members Anonymous is a story about the employees' lives both inside and outside their job at Disneyland. The story centers around Brad, a young college student and artist who works guest control at the magic kingdom. Kat who works at the Pirates of the Caribbean, and Andy who is a cook at the Riverbelle Terrace restaurant. And all of their mis-adventures trying to move through life as anyone would.

April 30th, 2010, 7:41 am

Well there's your problem...

Yeah so, the art program I use to make the comics is broken, beyond all repair. It broke itself somehow the other day. It refuses to open, saying something about not recognizing certain resources and that I needed to reinstall the application. Well I did that, and it still won't open.

It was Corel Painter Essentials 3 a free program that came with my very first art tablet.

Thankfully I do have Corel Painter Essentials 4 which also was a free program that came with my most recent art tablet. It's much more stable that 3, but it has a new UI and I haven't used it a lot. So making comics on it, may take some more time as I get used to using it.

I think its time I pony up the cash to buy the real version, Painter 11 from Corel. But seeing as how I am hopelessly broke -being unemployed has that effect- I don't see that happening very easily. So I'm having a friend search for other alternatives to obtaining the right programs.

It's not all strictly legal.

*cue Ghost's menacing grin from Sewer Shark*

Long story short, I'm using a newer program, and it's gonna take time before I learn how to use it. Doesn't help that it has some weird glitches, like resetting my brushes opacity to 9% every time I use the eraser side of my pen.


Well, when life gives ya lemons, make...uh...whatever, I'm going to bed.

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